5 Solas - Soli Deo Gloria

by Pastor Adam | November 29 2015 | All things are from God and through God and for God. Therefore, we join the apostle Paul in saying, "To him be the glory forever!" And our only proper response to the glory of God is a life sacrificed to him and lived worthy of his gospel. Our lives are to be lived for the glory of God alone.

5 Solas - Sola Scriptura

by Pastor Adam | November 22 2015 | Scripture alone is our final authority for life and practice. It governs us over and above the church in tradition and council because it is the purest presentation of the gospel, unaffected by the sinfulness and finitude of men. The Bible is not a hammer to attack those outside the church, rather it is the means by which those within the church stay centered on Jesus and the gospel.

5 Solas - Solus Christus

by Pastor Adam | November 15 2015 | "Christ alone" is the core message of Christian faith and belief. He is our only savior, the only acceptable and final sacrifice for our sins and the only mediator between God and man. Therefore, he must also be our only lord. The gospel demonstrates the endless grace and mercy of God and demands the active obedience of those who embrace it.

5 Solas - Sola Gratia

by Pastor Adam | November 8 2015 | The gospel is a message of grace alone. It announces our miraculous conversion from death to life enabled by a lavishly kind God. Our God not only rescues us but welcomes us to his table and the full inheritance of his kingdom. This is a wonderful gift which we could never earn or deserve, but is available to us through the love of God and sacrifice of Jesus.

5 Solas - Sola Fide

by Pastor Adam | November 1 2015 | Faith alone refers to the understanding that we are saved by our faith in the person and work of Jesus, not in our good works, religion or upbringing. The Bible says that no one is righteous and this means that no matter how good, moral or religious we might be, it still will never be good enough. Jesus offers our only means to a restored relationship with God and we access this through personal faith.