Kids & Youth

Ministry to Youth

In our student ministry, we want to see middle and high school age students be dynamically connected to God and to each other. We do this primarily through a student-oriented community group where teens gather with each other and adult leaders to learn what it means to follow Jesus. This group meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

Ministry to Kids


In our ministry to kids, we want to see children from birth to fifth grade experience the love of God and community with others their age. We do this primarily through our children’s ministry on Sunday mornings at our worship gatherings.


During the main teaching time in the main gathering, kids have the opportunity to go to classes where they can hear Jesus-centered teaching on their level with others kids their age. These classes use The Gospel Story for Kids curriculum that chronologically takes children through the Bible and points to God’s story of redemption through Jesus Christ in every lesson and are led by caring adults who have passed a comprehensive background check.


  • Nursery – Our nursery is available for the entire service and is staed by volunteers who love Jesus and are excited to care for children from birth to age two. Precious little ones experience the love of Christ through song and Bible stories taught at their level.
  • Young Learners – Our young learners class is for ages three through kindergarten. Along with the lesson, this age group enjoys working on a craft or object lesson that corresponds with the lesson of the week.
  • Lower Elementary – Our lower elementary class is for first through third grade. The lower elementary class enjoys digging a little deeper into the lesson, while still making space for crafts and/or object lessons.
  • Upper Elementary – Our upper elementary class is for fourth through fifth grade. The upper elementary class engages even further into the lesson with activities to supplement it and help them begin to study Scripture for themselves.