Kids & Youth

Ministry to Youth

In our student ministry, we want to see middle and high school age students be dynamically connected to God and to each other. We do this primarily through a student-oriented community group where teens gather with each other and adult leaders to learn what it means to follow Jesus. This group meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

At Hope Kids, we want to see children from birth to fifth grade know and experience the truth of the Gospel. From kids’ church on Sundays to our community-building and outreach opportunities, we want kids at Hope and in the Lehigh Valley to meet Jesus and be a part of His family.


Why is Kids Church so important at Hope?
Children are precious to God and are valuable in His Kingdom. Because of this, we spend focused attention on building a culture that shows children the Gospel at their level.

We want kids from every age to know that the Bible points to Jesus, our savior! We want them to know there are no perfect people, but a perfect God who loves us deeply, and so he sent His son Jesus to bring us back into His family.

What does this look like on Sundays?
Kids worship in church until the main teaching time. Then, they go to Kids’ Church, where they hear Jesus-centered teaching with others kids their age.

What classes do you offer?

  • Nursery – This is available for the youngest of our family, from birth to age 3.
  • Kids’ Church – we have two classes: preschool – 1st grade, and 2nd – 5th grade.

What materials do you use?
We use Go! Curriculum, which has fun activities and solid Gospel-centered messages for our kids. Check it out here: Go! Curriculum.

How do you keep my kids safe?

The safety of our children is one of our top priorities.  Here are some ways we seek to protect them:

  1. We are careful to adhere to all local and federal requirements for screening our teachers and volunteers in kid’s church.
  2. We train teachers and volunteers in being mandated reporters.
  3. We have a digital check-in system where you register your child at our check-in table. Your child receives a label with their name and your cell phone number on it (for any emergencies).  They are given a unique code on their badge that changes weekly and is assigned only to them, which is also then given to you for you to display at pick up time.