A Living Nativity - Magi

by Pastor Adam | December 27 2015 | In so many ways, the magi had no business being in the nativity scene. And yet God in his perfect sovereignty pave a way for their inclusion. The magi were the result of a legacy of faith, but they also demonstrated their faith in the their pursuit and worship of Jesus.

A Living Nativity - Shepherds

by Pastor Adam | December 20 2015 | Unless you wanted someone to watch out for sheep, shepherds were the last choice for any job. And yet, God chose shepherds to be the first witnesses to the arrival of Jesus. Why? Because Jesus came for people like them...people just like us!

A Living Nativity - Joseph

by Pastor Adam | December 13 2015 | Joseph's life was far from impressive. And yet one cannot help but be impressed by his radical humility. Joseph demonstrates this humility in his care for Mary, obedience to God and embrace of Jesus. How would your life be characterized?

A Living Nativity - Mary

by Pastor Adam | December 6 2015 | Mary is a poor, young teenager living in a no-name town. If anything, her future seems nothing more than ordinary. And then Gabriel shows up to let her in on God's plan for her life. Mary's journey goes from God's selection to her struggle with God's call and finally her surrender to God's plan for her life even at the cost of her own.