Margin - Rhythm of Life

by Pastor Adam | October 25 2015 | Since the 3rd century, Christians have used the idea of creating a rhythm of life to intentionally plan a life that enables us to be centered on Jesus and not this world. As we conclude this series on margin, the words of James pleading with his readers to not simply be hearers, but actually doers is so critical! Perhaps it is time in the midst of marginless existence to mine the gold of being proactive and intentional in creating a proper rhythm for our lives.

Margin - Contentment

by Pastor Adam | October 18 2015 | Financial margin is much more about finding contentment than discovering how to budget. And true contentment happens when your realize and embrace what you have rather than what you think you need. Most importantly this comes in discovering the inheritance that is yours in God through the gospel. When we deal with this heart issue, then we are ready to consider how to live with financial margin.

Margin - Sabbath

by Pastor Adam | October 11 2015 | We need margin in our life for ourselves. The constant pace and demand of life will assimilate us into the story the world wants to tell. But God calls us to "be still and know that he is God." One great way to live this reality is to enter into the practice of keeping a sabbath. This is not a legalistic or religious idea, but a way to be formed by a God who loves you for who you are, not for what you can produce.

Margin - Relationships

by Pastor Adam | October 4 2015 | Far too often we sacrifice relationships for tasks. Yet, God created us with an internal need for connectedness and community. In fact, we cannot live the life God created us for without them. The book of Acts gives us a picture of the beginnings of the church. Interestingly, this story has little to say about what they did and lots to say about how they shared life together.

Margin - Knowing God

by Pastor Adam | September 27 2015 | Knowing about God is not the same thing as knowing God. We can spend lots of time reading and studying and learning and never really know God himself. The Bible shows that truly seeking God is leaning into this relationship with our Creator made possible through Jesus. And the only way this will genuinely happen is when we create margin in our life to do it.

Margin - Choices

by Pastor Adam | September 20 2015 | Life is filled with choices - so many in fact, that it is often overwhelming. In order to make the most of our life and build margin, we have to know how to make the right choices. Scripture offers two critical questions to ask when facing choices and new opportunities. First, "Is it wise?" And second, "Is it the best?" In both of these, we often need to have the courage to say "no" to many good things in order to be able to say "yes" to the best things.

Margin - Storytellers

by Pastor Adam | September 13 2015 | How our life's story unfolds is directly related to who we let tell our story. The world around us is trying to tell our story by asking - What can you do for me? This leads us to tell our own story by how we measure up. And all of this leads to a life without margin, always trying to prove ourselves. But God desires to tell an altogether different story - that you are loved simply because you are you. And his story of life invites you into a life the brings rest for your soul.